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Now offering Monthly Preventive Maintenance agreements to ensure that your system is running at its optimum capacity.  We'll service your Desktops, Server, and Network monthly.

Why Preventive Maintenance?  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

This old saying was never more true than in the PC industry.  Most of us have the oil changed in our cars every few months, have the heating or air conditioning system in our homes serviced each year, and hopefully we have regular checkups with our doctor and dentist.  We do these things to detect and correct problems before they become serious.

Computer systems represent a large investment in money, time, and valuable data. Professional preventive maintenance can preserve computer systems and avoid serious problems in the long run.  A good maintenance program can provide maximum utilization with minimum downtime for the life of the system. Just as no car drives forever, no PC, Server or Network runs forever. To prevent damage to the system and loss of critical data, it is important to have systems regularly serviced.

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Advanced support time or "block support hours" are now available at a discounted rate and can be used for any of the services that NCS offers.  Here are some of the advantages of purchasing Advanced Support hours:


        Volume savings "the more you buy the more you save"

        Priority response time advanced support clients will receive priority response to calls

        Easier to budget IT needs

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