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If you're looking for more than technical skills in a systems consultant and want to work smarter, not harder, using today's technology, you've come to the right place!


Network Consulting Services (NCS) has been serving the computer and network needs of Colorado businesses since 1994.  We specialize in providing information technology solutions to small to medium size businesses.  We can provide the expertise required to implement solutions while staying aware of small business budget concerns.

In today's business world, the computer system is the smartest investment that a company can make.  Businesses today depend on their computer systems more than they ever have in the past.  Tracking and storing financial information is no longer the main function of computer systems.  Assessing their customers needs, inventory control and increasing employees productivity are just a few of the major functions of computers in today's businesses.

NCS specializes in assessing the system needs of your business and determining the best configuration that best meets those needs.  On a daily basis, companies face the challenges that new technologies have to offer.  In many cases, the options available in the technology world are confusing.  Determining whether new technology is needed or not can be a frustrating and tedious task.  NCS specializes in putting you on the right path whether you are new to the computer world or upgrading your current system.




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